Immediately Cut Your SMS Delivery Costs

Did you know SMS carriers charge you for commercial text messages whether it was delivered or not? SubscriberVerify saves you money by identifying deactivated, suspended, invalid, inactive, and unreachable numbers in your database.

We do this in two ways:

  • Our Carrier Lookup Service identifies unreachable numbers, which includes landlines, VOIP numbers, fax lines, and non-mobile numbers.
  • Our Deactivated Service identifies deactivated numbers in your database. Given that over 500,000 phone numbers are deactivated or suspended every day, it is likely you are being charged for sending messages to deactivated numbers every day.

Here are the facts:

  • Over 500,000 mobile phone numbers are suspended or deactivated each day in the US.

  • SMS carriers charge for commercial text messages, whether it was delivered or not.

  • 5~18% of SMS message delivery attempts fail

SubscriberVerify saves you money by removing deactivated, suspended, inactive, invalid, and/or unreachable numbers from your phone number list. Most clients immediately save between 5% - 15% of their sending costs each month.

Our API and CSV tools make SubscriberVerify easy to use, and the user-friendly dashboard displays important statistics about numbers in your database: carrier names, ported numbers, unreachable numbers, and more.

Test Drive

Try SubscriberVerify for only $10. You get 50,000 verifications (a one-time special rate). Our CSV upload tool only takes a few minutes to get results and you can view and download results from your dashboard.


Blacklisted numbers

Our internal blacklist of known industry complainers has been aggregated over the past five years and is constantly updated.

Prevent potential TCPA violations

Sending messages to numbers that are reactivated (deactivated numbers that are reassigned to a new user) to someone else puts you at risk with TCPA violations.

Implement in a couple of easy steps

Choose our live API, our batch file CSV upload interface, or both.

Send messages at the proper local time

Send messages based on users’ time zone. It’s an easy way to improve open rates.

Real-time carrier lookup service

When you are sending text messages to a specific carrier, our real-time carrier lookup service can identify carriers.
Ported numbers - SubscriberVerify identifies a phone number ported to another carrier with a new carrier id/name