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Your marketing budget is being drained and engagement is suffering due to invalid mobile numbers. SubscriberVerify cleans your contact data to eliminate wasted expenses and connect with real customers guaranteed!

Enjoy These Exclusive Features With SubscriberVerify

Carrier Lookup

We check for phone numbers that are good for sending texts. We identify landlines, VoIP numbers, and other unreachable numbers.

Deactivated/Suspended Numbers

Identify numbers that are suspended, 30 or 90 days past due, or deactivated. Messages or calls will not get delivered to these numbers, and billed by carriers for delivery.

Identify Carriers

We provide carrier ids and names of carriers so that you can send text to carriers of your choice.

Ported Numbers

When a user or a subscriber changes carriers, SubscribeVerify provides the new carrier name and the date it was ported.

SMS Enabled Landlines

About 7% of landlines can send or receive text messages. SubscriberVerify identifies them so you can engage them.

Identify Time Zone

SubscriberVerify provides the time zone of the phone number registered and geo-location.

Why Smart Businesses Choose SubscriberVerify

Super Easy To Use

Our upload tool allows you to submit your data with no special formatting required. Upload your CSV file with whatever headers you like, and we'll take care of the rest.

Real-time Carrier Look-up

Be the first to know when your contacts change their mobile numbers. Maintain up-to-date data.

Seamlessly Integrates With Your Stack

Sync results with your CRM, SMS tool, and other systems via our turnkey connectors and API.

Detailed Reports

Our comprehensive reporting provides daily updates of detailed information on the records that are non-mobile or unreachable, along with carrier names. 

What Others Are Saying About SubscriberVerify

"As a small business owner, I chose SubscriberVerify for its unbeatable SMS marketing tool. Even on a tight startup budget, I could afford the features I needed to filter my list and connect with users. After months of use, the value is unmatched for the low monthly cost. We removed over 10% dead numbers that were wasting budget. SubscriberVerify gives us reliable data to connect with customers."

Fabio R.
Connexus Digital

"SubscriberVerify has saved me thousands in wasted SMS costs. Within the first month, deliverability improved by over 15%, saving me hundreds of dollars in potential wasted texts to bad numbers."

Michael W.
Business Owner

Accurate Data Is Only A Click Away!

Try 100,000 Look-ups

Upload a CSV for results in minutes, or get real-time lookups via our API. Evaluate our data, user interface, and API, with 100,000 look-ups for $50.


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Frequently asked questions

Our software can verify only US and Canada phone numbers.

For optimal results, it is recommended to verify every phone number before sending an SMS text or making a call. This ensures the removal of currently suspended numbers and identifies the most recent non-reachable numbers. Our API provides real-time access to carriers' database. If you're not frequently adding new numbers, a monthly verification should suffice.

Clients typically experience immediate savings ranging from 5% to 15% of their monthly sending costs. If you frequently send messages to the same number, your savings can increase significantly.

We conduct real-time carrier lookups for the latest results, avoiding the use of outdated data. Additionally, we offer deactivated/suspended lookups at no extra cost, a feature that can be as expensive as a carrier lookup service. Our SubscriberVerify pricing is designed to be budget-friendly, ensuring it doesn't significantly impact overall delivery fees. Most importantly, SubscriberVerify is designed to save you more money than its cost, ultimately lowering your overall delivery costs.

When a mobile user defaults on a payment, the phone number becomes suspended. If an account remains suspended for over 90 days, the number is deactivated and reassigned. For the most accurate status, use the date you acquired the number. If a number was deactivated two years ago, it's likely assigned to a new user. Enter the opt-in date when prompted; if not provided, we default to the current date that will give you accurate deactivated/suspended status (but, it may have been reassigned to a new user).

CSV upload is simple on the SubscriberVerify platform. Upload your data, follow the instructions, and our system will process it. You don't need to worry about the format of CSV. You have the option to receive only our output or append it to your data.

Yes, we provide comprehensive API documentation. You can use both our API and CSV upload, with reports accessible from our dashboard.

The dashboard offers a detailed report, displaying overall lookups, 30, 60, 90-day, and lifetime lookup statistics. It includes valid mobile numbers, deactivated/suspended, reachable/unreachable, and carrier breakdown. Daily lookup breakdowns are also available.

SubscriberVerify's CSV result provides a wealth of information. These are some of the important features:
action: reachable number or not
reason: if a number is suspended or landline, etc.
deactivation: status of deactivation
blacklist: our internal backlist
geoSource, city, state, metro, etc.: location
timezone: 6 different time zone
dipPorted: change of carrier
dipCarrier: new carrier
dipCarrierSubType: Wireless or PCS
dipCarrierType: mobile or landline
dipOcn: rate center id

No, credits never expire. However, a small monthly fee for maintaining our server and storing records is applicable if you use SubscriberVerify.

The dashboard is intuitive, supporting CSV uploads, API integration, or both. Credits don't expire, even if the account is inactive. A lookup tool tests one number at a time, and the comprehensive report covers daily, 30, 60, 90-day, and lifetime lookup history.