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Robert Lee, Mobile Solutions Architect

With over a decade of experience in the SMS platform service industry, we've observed a concerning trend - 8-18% of text messages fail to reach their destination through carriers. What's even more alarming is the revelation that carriers charge for messages, irrespective of whether they are successfully delivered or not. This has resulted in some of our SMS clients spending significant sums, often in the hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, solely on delivery fees.

Determined to address this issue, we embarked on a mission to develop a solution that would allow us to preview phone numbers before dispatching them to carriers. While we encountered various third-party vendors offering such services, the exorbitant prices they demanded made it economically impractical for us.

After years of dedicated research, we successfully identified a reliable and cost-effective solution that could substantially reduce SMS delivery costs for our clients. Implementing this solution into our SMS platform yielded remarkable results—within just four months, one of our major clients saw a monthly savings of over $5300.00 in delivery fees.


Eager to share this breakthrough with the broader SMS marketing community, we launched This self-service mobile number verification tool is now accessible to anyone seeking to verify mobile numbers. What sets us apart is not only our commitment to offering the lowest prices in the industry but also the inclusion of additional features that surpass those provided by comparable services.


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