Save Money On Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Sending SMS messages to deactivated, suspended, or unreachable phone numbers can result in wasted resources and increased costs.

This is where SubscriberVerify comes in – a service that helps businesses save on SMS marketing costs by removing undeliverable numbers from their phone lists.

In this article, we will discuss how SubscriberVerify works, its features and the benefits businesses can enjoy by using it in their SMS marketing campaigns.

The Problem with Undeliverable Numbers

Over 500,000 mobile phone numbers are suspended or deactivated each day in the US, and SMS carriers charge for commercial text messages, whether they were delivered or not. In fact, 5-18% of SMS message delivery attempts fail. This means that businesses are wasting a significant portion of their SMS marketing budget on undeliverable messages.

SubscriberVerify: The Solution to Undeliverable Numbers

SubscriberVerify is a service that helps businesses save money by removing deactivated, suspended, inactive, invalid, and/or unreachable numbers from their phone number lists. Most clients immediately save between 5% – 15% of their sending costs each month. SubscriberVerify offers an API and CSV tools that make it easy to use, and the user-friendly dashboard displays important statistics about the numbers in your database, such as carrier names, ported numbers, and unreachable numbers.

Test Drive SubscriberVerify

To let you evaluate the data, user interface, and API, SubscriberVerify offers 50,000 lookups for $18. You can order additional credits from your dashboard, with volume discounts available.

More Features of SubscriberVerify

  • Blacklisted Numbers: SubscriberVerify maintains a constantly updated blacklist of known industry complainers, aggregated over the past five years. Using this feature can help businesses avoid sending SMS messages to individuals who are likely to file complaints.
  • Prevent potential TCPA violations: Sending messages to numbers that are reactivated (deactivated numbers that are reassigned to a new user) puts businesses at risk of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). SubscriberVerify helps prevent these violations by identifying reactivated numbers.
  • Real-time Carrier Lookup Service: When sending text messages to a specific carrier, SubscriberVerify’s real-time carrier lookup service can identify the carrier and ensure SMS messages are sent to the correct network.
  • Ported Numbers: SubscriberVerify identifies phone numbers that have been ported to another carrier, allowing businesses to update their database with the new carrier information.

Get Started Today

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to optimize their marketing efforts and ensure they’re reaching their target audience effectively. SubscriberVerify is a valuable tool that helps businesses save on SMS marketing costs, improve deliverability, maintain compliance with industry regulations, and gain valuable insights into their phone number database. By integrating SubscriberVerify into their SMS marketing strategy, businesses can achieve better results and see a higher return on their marketing investment.