What Does SubscriberVerify Do?


SubscriberVerify is a tool that helps businesses efficiently communicate with their customers by removing deactivated, suspended, inactive, invalid, and/or unreachable numbers from their phone number lists.

In short, SubscriberVerify saves you money. Most clients immediately save between 5% – 15% of their sending costs each month.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of SubscriberVerify:

  • Carrier Lookup: SubscriberVerify can identify non-mobile numbers such as landlines, VOIP, fax lines, and other unreachable numbers. It also provides carrier names and IDs.
  • Deactivated/Suspended numbers: It can identify suspended and deactivated numbers, which means that messages or calls will not get delivered to these numbers and will be billed by carriers for delivery.
  • Ported numbers: When a user or a subscriber changes carriers, SubscribeVerify can provide the new carrier name and the date it was ported.
  • Timezone Identification: SubscriberVerify provides the timezone of the phone number registered and geo-location.
  • Mobile Number Verification: Verify numbers that are not reachable such as fax lines, landlines, VOIP lines, etc.
  • Landline conditioned to send text messages: ~7% of landlines can send or receive text messages. SubscriberVerify identifies them so that you can engage in SMS messages.

To evaluate the data, user interface, and API, SubscriberVerify offers 50,000 look-ups for $18. Users can upload a CSV for results in minutes, or get real-time lookups via their API. Additional credits can be ordered from the dashboard with a volume discount.