Why the Real Cost of Sending Bulk SMS is Destroying your ROI

What is the real cost of sending bulk SMS text msgs?

If you are sending a massive amount of SMS text messages, a small error can translate into huge cost. These are the items you would need to check and be aware of to know the real cost of sending bulk SMS text msgs.

  • Message fees – obviously this is the most important item
  • Carrier surcharges – on top of message fees, some carriers are charging a “surcharge.” Verizon was the first to add $0.0025 per message surcharge making it more costly to marketers. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile followed the trend and they all also have carrier surcharges on short-codes. Verizon is the only carrier that has the surcharge implemented on long-codes
  • Inbound and outbound – for most long-codes, providers charge for both inbound and outbound messages. For most short-codes, providers don’t charge for inbound SMS (MO, mobile origination)
  • Monthly recurring fees – be aware of other fees such as SMS gateway, platform fee, short-code lease fee, etc.

While some fees can’t be prevented, there are ways to reduce some of these costs. By starting each campaign with a freshly cleansed list, segmenting by carrier, and using a platform that has proven deliverability and negotiable rates based on volume. One sure fire way to save up to 15% is a simple tool, www.SubscriberVerify.com which can save you both time and money.